Nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, within the historic fine art corridor of Santa Fe, NM, Milad Bistro brings authentic middle eastern cuisine to the American southwest based from this site. Traditional Persian dishes such as Kashk-e-bademjan, Kabob koobideh, and Ab Goosht are counterbalanced by modern interpretations such as Fesunjoon Flatbread and Beet Falafel. The setting, an old adobe home remodeled and curated by Chef and owner Neema Sadeghi, softly blurs the aesthetic lines between old world and new. The atmosphere is cozy, singular, and welcoming. Experience Milad.



Owner and Head Chef Neema Sadeghi at Milad Bistro  Milad Persian Bistro opened early November, 2016 in the historic art corridor of Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM. Owner and Chef Neema Sadeghi is a first generation Iranian-American who spent most of his time in the kitchen learning family recipes handed down through generations. Growing up in a Persian household in Washington D.C., Sadeghi developed an intricate palate and gained the skills necessary to re- create the delicious subtleties of Persian Cuisine.
        Sadeghi’s passion for Culinary Arts  grew with his many years of experience in the restaurant industry. Having worked various positions in both back and front of house, Sadeghi gained valuable knowledge of the many aspects of a successful restaurant. Such experiences have culminated to the creation of Milad Persian Bistro, bringing contemporary Persian cuisine to Santa Fe’s thriving food community. Milad offers traditional and non-traditional Persian dishes inspired from Iranian,Turkish, and Lebanese cuisine. Boutique wines have been carefully selected to pair with Milad’s menu , expanding the boundaries of traditional Persian cuisine for an unforgettable Middle Eastern food  experience.